You know how important it is for you to be confident as a teacher, to be organised and to enjoy the lessons you teach … but there is something not clicking about music

It could be the hours of planning you find yourself doing

It could be that the children think that music generally means another playtime

It could be that you don’t know where to start in planning constructive, enjoyable and results-focused lessons for music

It could be that you don’t have the training, tools or resources to confidently and successfully teach music for 4 to 11-year-old 

Does this sound familiar?

Rest assured, all of this is more common than you may think 

You are not alone! 

It can all be so much better … 

Can you imagine how it would feel to be confident in teaching music. To feel like you have everything organised and planned out without spending hours creating. To add your own flare?

Can you imagine actually having fun teaching music?

There is a reality where you can have all of your music lessons planned for you to meet key objectives and access over 600 videos that can literally be plugged in for the class to join in. In this reality, you have fun teaching and the children enjoy structured music lessons and learn more. This is also the reality where you have everything you need to streamline music lessons at your fingertips. 

This is possible as it has been for the 1,000’s of teachers who have already experienced this shift.

Here’s what other teachers say about Active Music

Introducing Active Music; the only flexible music teaching aid that has over 600 videos that you can use in the classroom to guarantee ease for you and joy for the children.

Active Music is guaranteed to be different in the marketplace because:

I have personally been there and done it!

I created this whole concept to be a plug’n’play system that allows you to save time on lesson planning, intuitively guide your class through the curriculum of music in the most simple way.

Before you know it, you and the children get to experience the joy of music and have fun There are over 600 videos that have been created as a resource you can use directly in the classroom

Incremental learning allows you versatility and adaptability to suit

Designed to be robust, timeless, intuitive and stand-alone in music teaching

No filler & no fluff … this is ONLY the things you actually need support in (Google has the other answers)

My guarantee is that you will never get the dread of planning lesson for music or the sinking feeling that you won’t enjoy it. My guarantee is that the children will learn a newfound love of music and look forward to music lessons. However, if you feel that you didn’t receive what you expected, I will send a full refund within 30 days. 

Meet Sally

Here I am, sitting in my classroom with my children around me, with 30 voices all singing the same song and watching lots of little learning lightbulbs going off in my children’s heads. They each have a clave and are passing them round the circle in perfect synchronicity while they chant. At any moment things could go wrong. Someone could drop their clave, break the chain… but they don’t – they pass until they finish the song and then fall about laughing in euphoric satisfaction. They did it!  ADD REST!!!!!!

Active Music was created intentionally so that the lesson objectives are all focused on timeless musical skill development. This means they can be used by teachers all over the world. There are also objective overview sheets so that you get to see the skills being covered in a glance. This has been created by a teacher, for teachers … welcome to your new best friend!

Don’t waste another year before you allow yourself a few key things that Active Music Digital provides:

  • Ease
  • Confidence
  • Done for you lesson plans
  • Done for you music videos (literally plug ‘n’ play)
  • Joy teaching music
  • Engaged children who are open to learning 
  • More time … less frustration 
  • Did we mention more time … for as little as £25 to get started

WAIT … I know there are usually a few questions at this point … I would like to answer them here: ADD QUESTIONS!!!

Get started now!

Choose the Active Music Digital Plan that is best for you.