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You know how important it is to be confident as a teacher, to be organised and enjoy the lessons you teach …

BUT you need music teaching to CLICK more easily …

It could be the hours of planning you find yourself doing

It could be that the children think that music generally means another playtime

It could be that you don’t know where to start in planning constructive, enjoyable and results-focused lessons for music

It could be that you don’t have the training, tools or resources to confidently and successfully teach music for 4 to 11 year olds


Does this sound familiar?

Rest assured, all of this is more common than you may think 

You are not alone!


It can all be so much better …

Can you imagine how it would feel to be confident in teaching music?

To feel like you have everything organised and planned out without spending hours creating?

To have a new & exciting repertoire of high-quality singing games and musical activities?

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You know things need to be easier…

… you’re frustrated with

tedious lesson planning

… you’re lacking

confidence in teaching music

… you’ve tried 


There is another waY

Can you imagine actually having fun teaching music?

There is a reality where you can have all of your music lessons planned for you and access over 600 videos that can literally be plugged in for the class to join in. In this reality, you have fun teaching and the children enjoy structured music lessons and learn more.

This is also the reality where you have everything you need to streamline music lessons at your fingertips. 

This is possible for you now

1000s of music teachers worldwide agree

High-Quality Music Teaching


Intuitive & Done-For-You Lesson Plans

600+ Demonstration Videos

It’s time to make a change & claim back the joy of teaching music!


Active Music

The ONLY skill-based music teaching aid that has over 600 videos that you can use in the classroom to guarantee ease for YOU & joy for the children

Yes, this is exactly what I need!

Fun Musical Activities you CAN do while following Corona Guidelines

When you join Active Music, get Instant access to a booklet guiding you to the games you can play in Corona times. 

* 77 musical games and activities for 3 – 7-year-olds

* over 100 musical games and activities for 7 – 11-year olds

* all on video for you to clearly see

* 6 months FREE access to Active Music

The results speak for themselves…

‘The plans are fantastic—I love them. I’ve been teaching straight from the plans and adapting as I go. They’ve given me lots of repertoire and have helped my confidence. The children love it—it’s the best music teaching I’ve ever done.’

Louise TinkerSouth Bersted Primary School

‘We’ve started using Active Music in our Primary School this year (2015) and it has transformed music teaching and learning. The children love the games and the DVDs make it easy to deliver. Crystal clear lesson plans are a godsend to this busy teacher! I heartily recommend the scheme.’

Andrew MaudLittle Ealing Primary School

Ready to make your music teaching easier?

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let’s dig into the details

Active Music is Guaranteed to be different because …

For teachers, by a teacher

I have personally been there & done it

  • I created this whole concept to be a plug’n’play system that allows you to save time on lesson planning, intuitively guide your class through the curriculum of music in the most simple way. Before you know it, you and the children get to experience the joy of music and share in the fun.

600+ Videos

Extensive Resource Library

  • There are over 600 videos that have been created as a resource you can use directly in the classroom

Personalised support

Adaptable Teaching

  • Incremental learning allows you versatility and adaptability to suit. Active Music is designed to be intuitive and support you as much as you require in your lessons. It is designed to suit you.

One of a kind design

Robust & Timeless

  • Designed to be robust, timeless, intuitive and stand alone in music teaching.

    No filler & no fluff … this is ONLY the things you actually need support in (Google has the other answers).

  • Active Music is designed for EVERY curriculum worldwide!



Here’s what you get access to

600+ Videos

Plug’n’play videos that support your teaching with step by step implementation in an interactive way.

168 Lesson Plans

All lesson plans have been created to be progressive, skill based & easy-to-follow. They have been created for specialists and non-specialists alike.

200+ Printable Notations & Activity Sheets

All the resources you require to confidently lead fun & learning based music lessons with ease.

Ready to access over 600 plug’n’play videos?

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‘The Active Music Games have given me an amazing amount of quality repertoire for my classes and I have found the DVDs to be an invaluable asset as they immediately bring the games to life. I have played these games successfully with the whole school in assemblies along with the children on the DVDs. It is a fabulous resource and I would highly recommend it to all teachers.’

Tim Wynne
Bury Primary School

‘I have been delighted by the impact that the Active Music scheme is having in our primary schools in Rotherham. I was looking for something that would give non-specialist teachers the confidence to teach on a regular basis and these DVDs fit the bill perfectly! The lesson plans are clear and simple whilst still covering all aspects of National Curriculum Music and the videos enable teachers and children to learn the songs and games. Children learn vital skills and all learning really is ‘Active’. The response from the teachers who have used Active Music has been so positive that I would be happy for this scheme to be rolled out to all of our schools’.

Deborah Findley
Head of Service at Rotherham Schools’ Music Service

let’s wrap it all up

Here’s what you get when you join.

600+ Videos to Aid Teaching

168 Lesson Plans

200+ Printable Notations & Activity Sheets

Created for specialists & non-specialists

Applicable worldwide

Curriculum compliance




Annual Recurring





Recurs Every 2 Years





One Payment


our happiness guarantee

100% Risk Free

My guarantee is that you will never get the dread of planning music lessons, or the sinking feeling that you won’t enjoy it. My guarantee is that the children will learn a newfound love of music and look forward to music lessons. However, if you feel that you didn’t receive what you expected, and the videos and resources have not been downloaded, a full refund will be sent within 14 days.   

MEET sally

Here I am, sitting in my classroom …


…with my children around me, with 30 voices all singing the same song and watching lots of little learning lightbulbs going off in my children’s heads. This is the joy in teaching music. 

It wasn’t always like this. I used to dread planning for music lessons as much as I did washing up, although, like washing up, it needed to be done! I created a unique approach, a system, to build lesson plans and resources to help me plan my music lessons and before I knew it, I had friends asking me for it too. 

One day, sat with my husband in our favourite cafe in The Netherlands, I had an epiphany … if this is making my life easier, why not share it with ALL music teachers? This is where Active Music began its journey. 

Created from my understanding of music teaching, curriculum and the most common challenges, Active Music is now a resource used around the world to make music teacher’s lives easier. 



Good, because there’s something I need to tell you.

Active Music was created intentionally so that the lesson objectives are all focused on timeless musical skill-development. This means they can be used by teachers all over the world. There are also objective overviews sheets so that you get to see the skills that are being covered in a glance. This has been created by a teacher for teachers … welcome to your brand new best friend!


Don’t waste another year before you allow yourself a few key things that Active Music provides:






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Frequently Asked Questions

Music Questions
Q Is Active Music for specialists or non-specialists?
A  Active Music is for both. It is particularly helpful for non-specialists as it is so easy-to-follow but it is also ideal for specialists who are looking for new repertoire or a new approach.
Q Does Active Music cover everything in the Music National Curriculum (UK)?
A Active Music covers all the skill-based practical music-making elements of the Music National Curriculum for 4 – 11-year olds.
Q What does Active Music not cover?
Active Music does not cover music history, specific listening from various composers or ICT but as mentioned earlier, it covers all the skill-based practical music-making elements of the Music National Curriculum.
Q Does Active Music work outside of the UK?
A Active Music works all over the world as it is based on musical development and not tied specifically to a curriculum. However, it fits into most curriculums because music is the same all over the world.
Q How is Active Music laid out?
A Active Music is divided into 4 sections. The aim is for each section to be taught over one half-term period. This covers 4 of the 6 half-terms within the year, purposefully leaving time for Christmas shows, musicals and other seasonal events. Each year group has 24 lesson plans to be covered throughout the year. 
Q What does Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 mean?
A Key Stage 1 covers 4-7 year olds and Key Stage 2 covers 7 – 11 year olds.
Q How old are the children in years R,1,2,3,4,5,6,7?
A Reception children are 4-5 years, Year 1 – 5-6 years, Year 2 – 6-7 years, Year 3 – 7-8 years, Year 4 – 8-9 years, Year 5 – 9-10 years, Year 6 – 10-11 years.
Q Does Active Music work for Nursery/Kindergarten? 
A Yes. Even though it has not been specifically written for 3 year-olds, all the games and activities within the Reception lessons (4-5 year-olds) work equally well with 3-4 year-olds.
Q How long is each lesson?
A Each lesson usually lasts for about 45 minutes, but it can vary depending on how many children want turns at each game and whether you focus for longer on a certain aspect of the lesson.  Sometimes you may choose to take longer and may cover 6 lessons in 10 sessions for instance. The material and learning is progressive so you can go at your own pace,
Q Does Active Music only work if you teach it from the beginning?
A  Active Music has been written so that it can be taught progressively from Reception up to Year 6 (4 – 11 year-olds).  However, you can easily start at any year as it has also been written to be able to be dipped into and you do not need to have done the previous years in order to be able to teach it successfully. You can start at any point.
Q Does Active Music work well for supply teachers?
A Active Music has proven to work very successfully for supply teachers as lessons can be dipped into easily and with all the games and activities on video, the children can learn alongside the teacher.
Q What is the order in which I teach Active Music?
A     Active Music has been written to be taught in the following order: Rhythm and Pulse, Pitch, Singing Games and Instrumental activities.  It has been written progressively so that what the children have learnt in the first set of lessons is built upon in the next. Active Music can be dipped into but the results will be more secure if this path is followed.
Q Can I teach Active Music if I can’t sing in tune?
A The videos are very helpful for teachers who struggle to sing in tune as the children are singing the songs and can act as teachers or role-models for the children in the class.
Q Do you provide Objective Overviews so I can see clearly what Active Music covers and where can I find these?
A. Yes. Every half-term of lessons has its own set of lesson objectives all in one page which you can find below the lesson plans in the Members area.
Q Can I just pay for the videos and not the lesson plans?
A. Yes. Please visit our sister website
Technical Questions
Q Can I download the videos and documents?
A. You can download and print all the documents, but you can’t download the videos from the website.  
Q Do the videos work on the whiteboard?
A Yes, they do!
Q How do I access the lesson plans and videos?
A If, after logging in, you are not directly taken to the Members area (8 pictures), please click on ‘Members’ in the menu bar. After this, please click on any of the 8 pictures and you are in.
Q Can all teachers in the same school access Active Music through the same account?
A Yes. It is even possible for multiple teachers to use the videos at the same time.
Financial Questions
Q Do you offer discounts for Local Authorities and Districts who want to buy multiple memberships for multiple schools?
A Yes. Please contact the Active Music Sales Team at

No questions, I’m ready for Active Music

Yes, Sign me up!

Rhythm and Pulse

Active Music is perfect for you if …


  • You are frustrated about trying to plan music and have no idea where to start 

  • You know there is a more enjoyable way to teach music and for the children to learn with enjoyment

  • You value your evenings and weekends too much to spend them planning lessons 😉 

ready to get started?

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